Assembled of soy, high in protein

A very palatable and digestible product,  obtained by defatted and toasted seeds of soy. It’s devoid of antinutritional components (oligosaccharides, antigens, protease inhibitors) ; therefore it is particularly indicated for the production of feeds designed for animals’ nutrition in the first days of life and for the production of assembled intended for all the species. 

Label Analysis
Damp                                       10% max

Proteins(Nx6.25)                     60% min

S Protein/Dry matter               67% (+/- 1%)

Raw Fibre                                3 – 4%

Fat                                            2%

Carbohydrates                        17-22%

Beta-Conglycinin                     Max 2 ppm

Inhibit Trypsin                           Max 3 mg/g

Lecithin                                     Max 1 ppm

Digestible protein content      PDIE 334 g/Kg  


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